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FIA 64 Image Authentication

Cognitech Phd Scientists develop advanced authentication tools.

FiA is a comprehensive software with analysis tools designed for forensic analysis and authentication of digital images. This extensive toolkit will allow the user to investigate the evidence and detect possible traces of tampering or other types of inconsistencies.

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After winning the contract in November 2013 to supply all the equipment for collating, viewing, processing and analysis of all the CCTV, Video and broadcast footage relating to the investigation by the  AV team at Operation Resolve, Daetech continue to support Operation Resolve, the police investigation into the Hillsborough Disaster. 

Now 7 years on with the inquest concluded and the investigation turning to the upcoming criminal trials the CCTV and multimedia evidence is as crucial as ever. 

Daetech continue to provide support to Operation resolves AV team and the vast array of equipment and software. Daetech will continue to provide support, advice and services until the conclusion of the trials.

Daetech also continue to support the IOPC’s continuing concurrent investigation.

Feb 2020