Forensic photogrammetry software for bio-metric and scene measurements.

Photogrammetry and Crime Scene Measurement

Cognitech AutoMeasure is the best photogrammetry software to use when investigating data from video or image evidence,  its ability not only to measure height of the subjects as the competition also is able in some limited cases, but because it can measure practically any dimensions in the visible crime scene, including vehicle dimensions, biometric body dimensions beyond just height (e.g. shoulder width) scene lengths, angles, areas etc

Tri-Suite 64

World leading forensic analysis software suite based on scientific methods, processes & peer reviews

Video Active

Forensic video acquisition, conversion, video fusion and calibration.


Video Investigator

The most advanced Forensic Analysis softeware package fora both still images and video evidence.



World Leading Photogrammetry and crime scene measurement.


Automatic Forensic Photogrammetry Software

Part of the Tri-Suite64 software package, AutoMeasure is the world’s first and only Automatic Forensic Photogrammetry Software with the ability to produce an accurate bio-metric measurement of a suspect’s dimensions (e.g. height), and crime scene measurements from surveillance video and photographs. Automeasure 64 is the best photogrammetry software available for crime scene reconstruction with patented features that can only be found in this software.



Cognitech’s PhD scientists have pioneered the court certified use of forensic mathematical photogrammetric tools in the United States and International courts of law since 1992.

Camera Calibration

To perform Crime Scene Measurement using images it is crucial to compute the relationship between the camera and the 3D world that is being captured by this camera. The mathematical parameters of this relationship are called ‘Camera calibration’ parameters. Cognitech’s patented automatic test pattern recognition method, Automatic Camera Calibration, detects a calibration pattern (designed by Cognitech) in test images.

Camera Calibration

3D Multiview measure

3D MultiView Measure provides height, area, and distance measurements of objects from a single scale measurement, whether or not the original camera source is available. Single frame metrology, the only method the competition is currently using,  estimates scene dimensions related to vanishing points and lines, determined from the man-made structures in the field. While Cognitech tools can do all of that, Cognitech Auto Measure is the best forensic photogrammetry software because it does not require the presence of the linear structures, as these may be absent in the natural scenes, like gardens or heavy vegetation etc.

Crime Scene Measurement by Software

Science Fact

Cognitech’ Automeasure software has several scientific peer reviewed references for its methods and includes  unique forensic video capabilities that are proprietary ONLY to Cognitech, Inc. due to issued and pending US and International patents of Cognitech, Inc. The software also includes designated computational design capabilities that are the leading edge of forensic video technology and are not commonly available to other competitors in the field.