Bringing Clarity to the World of Forensic Imaging

Bespoke Solutions for Law Enforcement & Homeland Security

Daetech Systems (UK) Ltd research and develop bespoke evidence retrieval, evidence processing and forensic video analysis solutions.


Evidence Retrieval

Daetech's MIDAS range of solutions are world leading powerful portable evidence retrieval systems incorportating a range of tools and features which allow intelligence officers or investigators to retrieve critical time sensitive evidence from scenes of crime


Evidence Review

Daetech's DARS range of bespoke workstation solutions provide officers and investigators with a range of features from playback and viewing through to powerful advanced forensic video analysis and processing.


Forensic Analysis

Daetech are proud to be the Global distribution and integration partner with the world Leading Forensic Analysis software developer - Cognitech Inc for over 20+ years


Global Partners

Daetech Systems (UK) Ltd / Cognitech Inc ( UK) Ltd are proud to be global distribution partners with Cognitech Inc.
We have been supplying, integrating, supporting and providing training on Cognitech's software solutions for over 20 years to law enforcement, homeland security, state intelligence and military organisations all over the world.


Why Us?

Your operational needs and ideas.
 Our state-of-the-art bespoke development

Bespoke Design Solutions

Daetech have over 25 years experience in designing and developing systems to clients specifications or requirements, our in house team and associated partners are able to engineer both software and hardware into a bespoke solution. Daetech has a reputation for providing new innovative solutions without re-inventing the wheel.

Support 24/7

Supporting our products and our clients is extremely important to Daetech. We pride ourselves on our high level of technical support and our ability to resolve and respond to any issues that may arise quickly by telephone or email. Daetech have fully equiped technical workshops which enable us to provide a repair service / equipment servicing facility, for both existing and new client

Build & Manufacture

From concept to creation, Daetech designs, builds and manufactures it's own bespoke solutions and continuously works with various suppliers and partners to produce fully integrated systems.


Training is provided on all systems manufactured and supplied by Daetech. As Global Distributor Partner, Integrator and supplier of Cognitech products we are able to provide various operator training options either online, in country or here in the UK. 

Industry Expertise + Laser-Focused Team =


Working closely with our clients, partners and global distributors allows us to develop bespoke solutions tailored exactly to the operational and environmental needs of the client.