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    Daetech Systems (UK) Ltd research and develop bespoke evidence retrieval, evidence processing and intelligence gathering solutions for Law Enforcement, Military and Government Agencies. Our solutions are designed and built to agencies specifications based on their operational and environmental requirements. Daetech works closely with the worlds leading and the first ever "Forensic Imaging company", Cognitech Inc. We believe in working closely with clients and investing in R&D projects aimed at improving technology and services in the fight against crime and terrorism, and as such our portfolio of products and solutions is continually evolving as new technologies emerge to meet the ever demanding specialist needs of our clients.
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    Cognitech® was founded in 1988 with it’s current headquarters located in Pasadena, California. Cognitech® is the foremost developer of real-time image and video processing, enhancement and analysis software and hardware tools Cognitech® was founded to provide cutting edge image processing and analysis technology for applications in law enforcement, forensics and in bio-medical fields. Cognitech’s solutions have evolved and developed and are used worldwide by demanding professionals from Military to Law Enforcement, Counter Terrorism to Home land security, Environment Agencies to Fire and Rescue. The software suite is grounded in science fact with it’s patented algorithms and techniques approved in courts of law through out the world. Cognitech’ grounds it’s self fully in science fact and scientific principles with it’s software and advanced mathematical algorithms having been peer reviewed, published and many of them patented. These scientific principles are fed down into the powerful software suite allowing users to be able to forensically prove their methods repeatedly.
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    We have many Systems, Software and solutions all over the world, including countries such as: United Kingdom Morocco Sweden Algeria Netherlands Turkey Germany Lebanon Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vietnam Qatar Malaysia Oman Indonesia Jordan India Mauritius France
Daetech Systems (UK) Ltd research and develop bespoke evidence retrieval, evidence processing and intelligence gathering solutions for Law Enforcement, Military and Government Agencies all over the world.


Daetech have a range of bespoke products that are our core solutions, however these don't always meet clients specific environmental and operational needs. Contact Daetech to discuss your requirements and see your conceptual ideas turn into reality.


Daetech designs and builds bespoke CCTV & Multimedia evidence "Retrieval" and "Processing" solutions for Law Enforcement,

State Security & Military.


Cognitech Inc are world pioneers and the leaders in the development of forensic analysis tools for law enforcement and forensic institutions. Their team of specialised PHD scientists and software writers they have developed and created a suite of cutting edge forensic tools.

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For further information regarding any of our Services and Solutions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Daetech Systems (UK) Ltd

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global solutions

Daetech has a global reputation with systems in 18 countries around the world.


Daetech have over 25 years experience in designing and developing systems to clients specifications or requirements, our in house team and associated partners are able to engineer both software and hardware into a bespoke system. Daetech has a reputation for providing new innovative solutions without re inventing the wheel.


From concept to creation, Daetech builds and manufactures it's own bespoke solutions and continuously works with various partners to produce fully integrated systems.


Training is provided on ALL systems manufactured and supplied by Daetech.

As the UK North Africa, European and Middle East Distributor, Integrator and supplier of Cognitech products we provide full certified operator training which is hosted in Manchester UK or in Country



Supporting our products and our clients is extremely important to Daetech. We pride ourselves on our high level of technical support and our ability to resolve and respond to any issues that may arise quickly by telephone or email.


Daetech have fully fitted out technical workshops which allow us to provide a repair service / equipment servicing facility to both existing and new clients



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