Digital & Analogue Replay System


The Ultimate Image, Video and Data Analysis Processing Engine

The rise in CCTV use

Over the past 20 -30 years the use of CCTV has grown to unprecedented levels. 
CCTV systems are now a complex array of products and equipment sourced from a diverse selection of manufacturers with cameras not only appearing in city centres, college campuses and in supermarkets, they are also being used by private individuals to protect their property.
As well as CCTV, many major incident’s and crimes are now capturerd on mobile phones, digital camera’s and dash cams.

The DARS range of processing engines are designed to enable agencies to have the right solution to playback & process, capture or analyse the vast quantitys of CCTV & Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME) whilst ensuring forensically sound procedures and practices.

Key Features

Bespoke Forensic Workstations built to customers operational and environmental needs


Forensic capture from Composite, VGA, DVI, HDMI  SD, HD, 4K to an uncompressed format. 


The DARS allows processing and analysis from analogue and digital CCTV sources. The included EMS Evidence Mangement Suite allows the management of all Digital CCTV and Multimedia evidence, Digital CCTV players and all notes and review logs created by users.


The unique combination of the latest hardware and software makes the DARS a powerful system for the analysis and processing of video and image based evidence and intelligence.

DARS Forensic Workstation

DARS Forensic Workstation

A powerfull CUDA based processing engine for  analysing video and image evidence and intelligence.


Designed and built to a clients operational needs using the latest in hardware and technology.

Integrated with world leading Cognitech Forensic software applications and Daetech's Evidence Management Suite.



100's of systems deployed in the UK and around the world being used by Law Enforcement, State Security, Counter Terror and Military.


Integrated Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 with CUDA processing

The unique combination of the latest hardware and software makes the DARS a powerful processing engine for forensic Video Analysis (FVA) and Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME) allowing the enhancement and clarification of video and still images.

DARS Forensic Processing Engine  integrated with EMS (Evidence Management Suite)

Daetech’s bespoke Evidence Mangement Suite (EMS). The software has been designed from the ground up with integrity of evidence and procedures in mind whilst maintaining simplicity of use. The software suite utilises an integrated Standard Operating Procedure to guide officers through a set workflow with visual verification after each text input. 

Featues include Digital CCTV player management and intelligent search, Catalogueing of Evidence via reference and location, creation of viewing logs with still images of key moments with attached notations.

All captured, converted and imported digital evidence is hash verified to maintain chain of evidence.

DARS LE integrated with DMV

DMV (Digital Media Viewer) an intuitive simplified system for operational officers

Cost Effective

A cost effective solution to allow officers to review and capture Video/Stills from CCTV and Multimedia evidence.


“Minimal Training requirements, DARS LE comes with integrated, easily accessable training video, on screen prompts and pdf user guides.”


Inbuilt report generation provides valuable information on system usage.



DARS LE an intuitive playback and capture system designed for operational officers


Daetech's DARS solutions range from intuitive playback systems through to full forensic workstations and processing engines with over 70 systems in the UK and over 30 in 18 countries around the world.

DARS Solutions are utilised by Law Enforcement, Military, Intelligence, Counter Terror and Homeland Security.

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