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My Cognitech Cloud (MC2) is a streaming service for Forensic Video Investigation software, accessible remotely from the Cloud using your desktop or tablet devices


About Cognitech

Cognitech is the worlds first and oldest forensic video company, with over 30 years of experience in providing software and hardware solutions for Forensic Video Analysis (FVA) within law enforcement Science, and forensic institutions. Cognitech was founded to provide cutting edge image processing and analysis technology for applications in law enforcement, military, forensics and in bio-medical fields. 

In 1993, Cognitech played a major role in the trials of the four men charged with the beating of trucker Reginald Denny in the Los Angeles rioting following the verdicts in the Rodney King case. Photographs and videotapes were enhanced and analyzed with Cognitech’s unique proprietary methods and used by the prosecution to positively identify and convict the criminals. 

Cognitech’s image processing algorithms and techniques have been approved for use in the court of law through a variety of important decisions by US and International courts. The California Court of Appeals has accepted Cognitech’s novel forensic video enhancement techniques into U.S. Courts in an important decision on forensic video, the 1992-1996 Criminal Law and Procedure Citation, 96 Daily Journal DAR. 8023, which is the first such decision in a US Court. 

In addition to providing the most advanced software and hardware products to law enforcement agencies worldwide, Cognitech operates the state of the art forensic imaging lab, advancing Cognitech’s software products by working on challenging forensic cases throughout the world.

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Global Partners

Daetech Systems (UK) Ltd have been proud to be global partners with Cognitech Inc for over 20 years.

Daetech Supply, Integrate and provide authorised training on Cognitech's Suite of software solutions.


Cognitech® Tri-Suite 64 edition is the most advanced to date, incorporating VideoActive®, Video Investigator® and AutoMeasure®, Tri-suite 64 is the most powerful set of forensic imaging tools used by professionals globally. TriSuite 64 now boasts over 200 proprietary designed filters and plugins and 23 patents.

Video Active

Forensic video acquisition, conversion, video fusion and calibration.

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Video Investigator

The most advanced Forensic Analysis softeware package for both still images and video evidence.

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World Leading Photogrammetry and crime scene measurement.

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Unique Technology

Cognitech’s unique technology has been profiled by the Wall Street Journal as a lead technology article, and Business Week Magazine in the “Technologies to Watch” section. Cognitech has received coverage by national networks such as FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, Discovery, etc. Cognitech has also participated in several Discovery Learning Channel and Unsolved Mysteries specials. Cognitech has been featured in the Discovery Channel Special on the forensic analysis of the JFK assassination, titled “Unsolved History. JFK: Beyond the Magic Bullet,” which solves the “Grassy Knoll Mystery” through the use of Cognitech’s videogrammetry technology.

Smart Selection & Tracking

Smart Selection and Tracking feature in enhanced CCTV Footage is part of Cognitech's Video Investigator® 64 software. Video Investigator® 64 can be purchased as part of the Tri-Suite 64 software package.


Cognitech’s Algorithm Is Used To Reconstruct The Image Of The Black Hole In M87 Galaxy

On April 10, 2019, a never-before-seen image of black hole M87 Galaxy from the The Event Horizon Telescope has been revealed thanks in significant part to the Total Variation (TV) Theory of Image Processing first proposed in the 1987 CALTECH PH.D. Thesis of Cognitech’s co-founder and CEO Dr. Leonid ( Lenny) Rudin

“It’s not about prosecution, it’s about the forensic truth” Dr L Rudin, Cognitech